by Erika Huddleston



“A Sense of Community”
by Kate Harlan

“Works on Glass”
by Erica Wickett


“Oh to Dream”
(a collection of local art)




Artist Statement:

The human mind eagerly constructs strange parallels and peculiar analogies. In this series of appropriations, associations are represented through my own visual lexicon.

Eradicating shapes from existing objects, I have filled these voids with lyrical abstraction, prompting the question, “What is this body of work?” I hope to create symbols, visual icons that are in fact abstract appropriations. An appropriation in this context is “a new meaning or set of meanings, for a familiar image.”

Each appropriation symbolizes a concept that I believe in and have found true to my existence. My assumption is that unless we land in the same cultural or relational sphere, these concepts will not be true or relevant to your experience. The delight, however, is that these appropriations might symbolize entirely different concepts to you. Just as an apple might signify education and health in some civilizations, it means sin and death to others.

Furthermore, each appropriation is arranged as an analogy:
This : That ::
This : That *

*”:” indicates “is to” and “::” denotes “as”.

The analogies are made based on the former appropriations associating with one another. An example found in this body is as follows:

Rabbit : Fox ::
String : Ring

The symbolic relationship beneath the analogy is God : Man with the Rabbit and String symbolizing God and the Fox and Ring symbolizing Man.

I assume that a rabbit will not denote God to you, nor a ring Man, yet I know that they might mean something that I could not know without your telling me. It is my hope that they will and that through this body you might have the opportunity to match different appropriations to form analogies true to your experience.

Artist Bio:
Life is rich, not ragged now-a-days. Intimate and growing, positive in warm hues, though always ebbed by blues and violets. I am not painting from an angst driven deep well of my soul, but a well watered garden (albeit, in the Texas sun). Have I lost the rich voice of epiphany? I certainly hope not. My hope, instead, is that I would bring nutrition and life to this ragged ground. That mystical “breath” of God.

My name is Erin Dobbins and I am an artist. My work and my life are open to you, please do not hesitate to inquire.

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