All local, hand-made goods are available on the 1st floor of the market

Jonathan Martin graduated from Baylor University with a degree in Studio Arts. He is married to his wife, Sara, and has 3 children. Ceramics and three dimensional design have always intrigued him, and he has found that creating functional ceramic pieces is a perfect place to explore both form and function. He currently is the owner/founder of Black Oak Art, where he focuses on mainly wholesale custom orders, but is also starting to expand into retail pieces online and in-studio pottery lessons.DSC_0806.JPG

leather goods
Simple highly curated, hand made dry goods and apothecary. Old World design influenced, with modern function. Made here in America from the highest quality ingredients and supplies. Made by hand, made to last.DSC_0646 copy.jpg

traditional oils. digital painting. design


contemporary art
The daughter of a journalist, who was also a cartoonist for the Army newspaper during WWII, she was always encouraged in her artistic efforts. The abstract nature of her paintings allows for the viewers of the piece to put her or himself in the scene or imagery in a way that doesn’t restrict the viewer’s to a single location or time in their life. She wants her paintings to suggest experiences and feelings in a way that sparks viewers’ imaginations, draws them into the paintings and makes them want to stay.

mixed media art
Her work you see at the market evolved from a fierce need to create and to tell viewers a story. The many layers so essential to her work each tell a part, whether as a curve of a branch, a secret path behind a tree or a nest of eggs hidden in a secret drawer. As a native Texan, she grew up with a forest behind her home and spent her childhood playing and imagining amongst the trees. The Secret Garden was her favorite book as a child, and plays heavily in all of her work. While she studied psychology in college art is the profession that really stirs her soul.

handcrafted jewelry
Margrit Co. became an official boutique in the Great State of Texas in November 2014. Margrit Co. sells handcrafted jewelry and boutique style clothing and gifts. She designs & creates the jewelry all by hand. These jewelry pieces are one of a kind, there are no duplicates. They are signature pieces so you must be quick to buy or else you will miss out!


children’s books
He is an Author and Illustrator of 11 picture books. A passionate soul who loves people and loves what he does. His name is Mark Ludy (“loo-dee”) and he currently lives in Waco, Texas — where he recently moved with his family after 36 years in Colorado. He creatively connects with his audiences through stories and his illustrations speak to the hearts of his hearers. Being an author and illustrator plus a publisher has provided him a unique perspective on the whole spectrum of the creative process.

floral & gifts
Their floral arrangements they create are vibrant and have a simple yet elegant style are unlike any other. It’s a combination of a natural, basic aesthetic while also remaining current and modern. The vases and flower combination they choose create one-of-a-kind arrangements you can’t pass up. Their flower selection is always changing to keep a wide variety in their shop. Their team works with every client to produce unique, personalized arrangements and bring a refined finishing to each event.


handmade headbands
Lauren Robb is a native Texan and Baylor graduate who has lived in Waco for the last 12 years. She has always had an interest in creating, and started Simple Beauty in 2012 after her daughter was born, as she was looking for a new creative outlet. She spends her days chasing her 4 year old son, 2 year old daughter and 5 month old son. During their naptimes and bedtimes, she pulls out her sewing machine and sews all the headbands you see at the market. Each headband is hand cut, pieced and machine sewed. Simple Beauty strives to create casual and stylish headbands for everything from your morning workout to going out with friends.


stained glass
Stanton Glass Studio, LLC has over 35 years of experience working with Texas’ finest designers and architects, handcrafting leaded glass into inspired architectural windows and lighting for customers nationwide. They create beautiful, one-of-a-kind works of art for private residences, public, corporate and church settings. All designs are custom designed in-house by founder Bryant J. Stanton and artist Joe Barbieri. Their craftsmen at Stanton Glass Studio are accomplished in a wide variety of stained glass skills including traditional hand-painting, beveling, acid-etching, fusing, slumping, sand-carving, and gold leafing.DSC_0349.JPG

Fine art jewelry
Summer’s jewelry collections reveal a journey of depth and romance, as they glimmer with hope and delight. It is this delicate potency and subtle aesthetic to which her jewelry serves to diffuse to each whom they adorn. Sixteen years later and over sixteen thousand pieces purchased, Summer Ellis™ jewelry has become a symbol to an occasion’s memory, as well as an effortless compliment to your daily wear.



Kate Perry is a graphic designer and painter, who uses both acrylic and watercolor paints. However, her specialization is in watercolor. She focuses on creating beautiful note cards for any occasion. Her cards range from basic note cards to scripture cards to birthday cards to special event cards.

Oil Paintings

Marjorie expresses her understanding of the world around her through minimalistic depictions of landscapes.



Locally fresh roasted, fair-trade organic coffee.



Handmade solid wood cutting/display boards, coasters, and a few photography prints.


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