August’s First Friday

August’s First Friday had two new artists join the Artisan Market: Kay Reinke and Kim Woodwork Design.


Kay Reinke, a local abstract artist, put up her bright and bold paintings in the Artisan Market just this past week. She says that the abstract nature of her paintings allows for the viewer of the piece to put her or himself in the scene or imagery in a way that doesn’t restrict the viewer’s to a single location or time in their life. Her paintings capitalize on the power of color. “I want my paintings to suggest experiences and feelings in a way that sparks viewers’ imaginations, draws them into the paintings and makes them want to stay.” With paintings resembling a combination of psychedelic watercolors and abstract marble-inspired masterpieces, she doesn’t shy away from taking risks and experimenting with different colorful patterns.

You can find her work online at or email her at


Kim Moore is the second artist who joined us. Kim works with mixed media to create her works of art. In her collection are pieces of art that have “evolved from a fierce need to create and to tell her viewers a story. The many layers so essential to [her] work each tell a part, whether as a curve of a branch, a secret path behind a tree, or a nest of eggs hidden in a secret drawer.” Kim’s pieces are inspired by nature and invite each viewer to place themselves within the piece and envision a world of their making.

You can find her work online at or email her at


The band Union Revival, a husband and wife duo, also performed and provided beautiful live music for the passersby. The two together create beautiful melodies with a sound similar to The Civil Wars. Aaron, who is also the leather craftsman of Hammer & Hand in the Artisan Market, is a part of the band. He and his wife are active in the city of Waco and love investing their time and many talents into seeing it grow. Their bold, artsy style draws many in and their melodic voices causes them to stay.


Wacoans closed the night as they enjoyed the delicious Club Sandwich and the ever-addicting Pokey O’s cookies and ice cream. Come join us next First Friday, Waco!

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