July’s First Friday

July’s First Friday proved to be a lovely evening for Wacoans and tourists alike to experience all of what downtown Waco has to offer on a bustling, warm summer night. As the Artisan Market continues to grow, artisans are updating their creative spaces and bringing in newly made products.

The band Indian & the Jones, a folk trio, set the mood with their collective sound of pop, country roots, and the traditional fiddle tune. Before we knew it people were actually up and dancing around to their melodic, folky sound completely unique to them.

Club Sandwich provided food to passers by and Pokey O’s served dessert. We loved having them here at First Friday again. The combination of these two food trucks is unbeatable.

mark ludy2

Our NEWEST ARTIST, Mark Ludy, joined us this Friday. Mark is a creative communicator through books, art and speaking. He and his family just moved to Waco in June. Here, he plans to continue to create more of his books, reach into his community, and delight into the days ahead. For sale in the Artisan Market he has colorful, printed hand-drawings, children’s books, and greeting cards. To discover more of his books and art go to www.markludy.com or find him on Facebook.

As people chose to invest in downtown and Waco’s local artists, businesses all around downtown continued to grow and the health of Waco was thriving. And this was all because people chose to believe in our hometown.

See you next First Friday, Wacoans!

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