June First Friday: a stroll in the Market

Suggested listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_2dSjsRbPA {Le Plus Beau du Quartier by Carla Bruni}

It was the first Friday of the month. Locals filled the streets, music flowed through the air, and the night was young in Wacotown. This was where the ancient walls of abandoned buildings spoke of how the city was coming back to life and the lights only grew brighter as the sun went down.

In the 100 year old Praetorian building the band Honest Men performed their song “Play It Soulfully,” where the inspiration of Colony House and Foster the People could be heard within their rhythms.


{Download their music for free here on Noisetrade: http://noisetrade.com/honestmen/play-it-soulfully-single}

A collection of local craftsmen were gathered together in the Praetorian and showcased their lovely collections. Excitingly, two new artisans, Rosetree Floral Design and Leslie Medlin Design House, joined us this week.

You may recall Rosetree having a previous location next to Roots before moving out to China Springs. However, their fresh presence has officially relocated to the Artisan Market! We’re so thankful they have returned to the lively downtown scene of Waco. Their vibrant floral arrangements with a simple yet elegant style are unlike any other. Take it from us, they are too beautiful to pass up without purchasing at least one as a gift for a friend — or yourself!

Our other new artisan, Leslie Medlin Design House, features modern women’s accessories. Leslie Medlin, owner of the brand and local designer, has created an aesthetic based on a timeless, minimalist design. She is also currently in the process of creating a small curated clothing line that will feature one to two pieces made to order.

The appetizing Club Sandwich was parked out front of the Praetorian building to provide Wacoans with their trademark Korean-American cuisine. And to top off the night, for dessert the deliciously addicting Pokey O’s came out to serve the locals their ever-popular cookie and ice-cream sandwiches.

After leaving the Artisan Market, locals walked down the lit up street of Austin Avenue and beyond. The City of Waco was coming alive again…


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