Black Oak Art


Pottery lessons at Anthem Studios!

Introduction to Pottery Techniques: Wheel Throwing and Handbuilding Techniques
Description:  Students will spend time learning how to create various forms on the wheel and through other handbuilding techniques such as slab building and coil. Actual numbers and types of pieces will be dependent on student preference, but, most students will create 8-12 finished, glazed pieces in this class.
Cost:  140/month* ($50 deposit required to hold your spot in the class, full amount due on first day of class)
*Sign up for all 3 months and get a 10% discount off of your classes
Dates and Times: 
Classes will meet 7p-8:30p Weeknights and 2p-3:30p on Saturdays
  • June  (10th(Tues) ,12th ,14th ,19th ,21st ,26th)   1 Tuesday/ 3 Thursdays/ 2 Saturdays
  • July  (15th (Tues.),17th,19th,24th,26th,31st)    1 Tuesday, 2 Thursdays, 3 Saturdays
  • August  (7th,9th,14th,16th,21st,23rd)   3 Thursdays/ 3 Saturdays

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